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Gardening Summer Camp of 2023

Plant Nursery

Purpose of Gardening 

Hello, my name is Jianna and my little sister Julia have created this Camp for the purpose of teaching our community how to grow their food at home and grow varieties of these foods. My sister and I have done hours of research to inform our neighborhood about the different benefits each plant has and how to cultivate these benefits for consumption or other uses. Such as a natural Bug repellant, or natural fertilizers for limiting nutrients in soil. These topics are things that my sister and I enjoy and we wanted to share that with you while helping our community grow plants using purified soil and sustainable methods of Gardening. We hope you enjoy the program we put together!


Structure of Gardening

The structure of the gardening camp is going to be based on applied knowledge of gardening. My sister and I will discuss the importance and the benefits of each seedling, and then proceed to plant them in recycled materials. Anyone who participates will get to learn many facts lost to history and get to personalize their pots for some extra fun. 


The importance of the Camp 

With the Global effects of Climate change and rising temperatures worldwide. It's important to start helping our communities to eat more plant-based diets because eating a diet of leafy greens can stop the consumption of processed foods by an estimated 20%. An example of processed food is beef. Raising Cows in a Concentrated Feeding Operation leads to 9% of Global warming. This is because Cows release methane gas as a sign of digestion. Methane Gas is the 2nd most potent Greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and makes temperatures hotter. This makes gardening the best solution to eating sustainable foods on a budget when it is homegrown!

Image by Noah Buscher

Schedule of the Camp 

This calendar marks every day that the camp takes place, which is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The days that are empty, are free days!

Screenshot (48)_edited.jpg

The cost of the camp 

The cost of the camp is going to be 5 dollars a day per person because the supplies that are given out are for each individual to take home and maintain. This camp is not based on profit, but the reward of a growing plant and 5 dollars is enough to keep this camp running. So every dollar contributed will go to the next activity!


The time frame for the Camp 

The camp starts at 11 am in the morning on the days marked on the calendar. The Camp ends an hour and a half after the starting time. Each day's start and end times differ based on the plants that are being planted and the maintenance that the plant requires. 

Old-Fashioned Clock

Below are some of the most recent photos we've captured from our summer camp!

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